Example uses for pergolas

Pergolas can be used in so many different ways, to create a practical new space at your property. Here you can see 4 of our most popular uses for pergolas in modern-day living. Open your mind to new possibilities!

Pergola Extension

We’re now hearing from more customers who are keen to add a pergola to their property to create a striking looking extension.

The end result is contemporary and incredibly unique compared to traditional bricks and mortar. A pergola allows for lots of glass, which can flood the space with natural light and create a very inviting additional room or area at your home.

Pergola Gym

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us are keen to create at-home gyms to have reliable and convenient access to equipment and the endorphins we get after a workout. 

Well, imagine working out surrounded by nature in your own garden, with a pergola gym from Open Habitat. The dream set up!

One of our most popular service offerings to the UK are outdoor kitchens. They are a unique and sociable addition to any property, even with the smallest of gardens.

You can have meat smokers, grills, pizza ovens, fire pits – essentially whatever your preferred cooking tools are!

They create an effortlessly sociable area and can add significant value to your property too. And trust us when we say that they look incredible beneath a retractable pergola.

Additional lounge room

Another popular use case for our pergolas is to create an additional lounging area within your garden. This can be used much like a garden room, conservatory or orangery.

We love the unique way a lounge pergola can create a light and airy space which is still equally cosy and inviting. 

Pergola office

Office-based jobs have changed dramatically over the last few years. Working from home is the new normal and this has encouraged many to look at their property and consider how they can incorporate a practical and stylish space they look forward to working from each day.

If this is you, be sure to add pergolas to your list for consideration. They look strikingly beautiful and they can be customised in so many ways to suit your prefered layout.

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