Why should you choose Open Habitat?

We created Open Habitat because we saw a way to give our clients an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility. A way to transform what was possible, both for them and their properties. And to create the kind of living and working spaces that we knew our clients would love. Open Habitats.

Some of those reasons you should choose an Open Habitat will depend on whether you’re a homeowner, a restaurant owner or a business owner. And for all of you, there are some clear-cut universal advantages over other more conventional options.


Business owners

Restaurant owners


As a homeowner, you can:

  • expand your living space without sacrificing your garden
  • take your extension with you when you move
  • create a beautifully versatile indoor/ outdoor space
  • work from home in your own personal and luxurious garden room

How would you use your hi-spec pergola? As a yoga studio or treatment room? A place to relax, or do personal training? For weather-proof celebrations or dinner parties? Or as a stunning year-round work space?

For ideas and inspiration, scroll through our carousel of images.

“I so nearly invested in a garden room, which I now realise would have seriously limited our options. Instead, we now have this light, flexible space that’s great – not just for me to work – but also for family breakfasts and social events. Whatever the weather.”

How do our structures compare to Garden Rooms?

While conventional garden rooms certainly have their place, they can make your garden space feel smaller. Most structures can block out sunshine and natural light and keep you separate from the elements.

Our hi-spec pergolas with retractable roof systems offer an alternative option however we also construct high quality and fully insulated garden rooms and some homeowners opt for a combination of both for increased versatility.

Get closer to nature. At the push of a button

With a retractable roof system, optional sliding glass doors and blinds, you can create your own private space at the push of a button.

Having a bright and see-through structure will give you that connection to nature as and when it suits you, while maximising your garden space and ongoing enjoyment. So now you can enjoy the weather without being at the mercy of it!

Business owners

As a business owner now you can:

  • increase your businesses social distancing requirements
  • create a new social space in your own offices
  • provide year-round entertainment & options
  • transform what’s possible for staff and clients
  • host regular networking events & one-off celebrations

“Purely in terms of the impact this’ll have on staff morale and productivity, I know this is a wise investment. I love the different ways we can use it. As a break-out work space… as an exclusive conference room… and for events we’ve just not been able to consider until now.”

Restaurant owners

As a restaurant owner now you can:

  • give your restaurant a distinct marketing edge
  • provide the ‘al fresco’ appeal of outdoors without the risks
  • delight customers by swiftly adapting their environment
  • extend seating capacity while respecting social distancing, without any major disruption or planning

“Too much sunshine? Lower a blind. An unexpected shower? Close the roof. All at the push of a button. I love the way that the whole dining experience – instead of being disrupted by the changing weather – will be enhanced by it”.

Open your eyes to a new level of choice and flexibility

Whether you’re a homeowner, a business owner or a restaurant owner, there are some universal benefits to investing in a hi-spec pergola… and to having your very own ‘open habitat’. Choosing such an option means you can:

  • Enjoy the outdoors 365 days a year – whatever the weather
  • Create a space that you can ‘take with you’ when you move
  • Transform the day-to-day living experience for you & others
  • Give your life or business a new flexibility
  • Make an investment that’s certain to pay back
  • Create an indoor/outdoor space that is supremely versatile
  • Expand your property and the possibilities for you, your family, your friends and colleagues

Why choose Open Habitat as a company?

How can you know you’re in good hands with us? Because of our pedigree as builders and designers, and because of how we work. We invite you to learn more about our philosophy and our process.

Ready to expand your property and your life?

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