Welcome to
Open Habitat

We offer unique options to create a sophisticated and luxury indoor/outdoor space at your property or commercial premises.

Our products focus on sophisticated functionality at the click of the button, whether that’s giving you the ability to adapt your environment to changing weather conditions with a retractable roof, or a sliding glass wall, for example.

It’s time to create new breathing space and new possibilities, for both you and your property.

We saw a way to give our clients an unprecedented level of freedom and flexibility… a way to transform what was possible, both for them and their properties… and to create the kind of living spaces that we knew our clients would love.”

Cinzia Moretti

What kind of outdoor space would you like to transform?

Whether you’re a home owner, a business owner, or someone who owns a restaurant or venue, we invite you to consider the difference we can make to your life or your business, by enabling you to enjoy your very own ‘open habitat’.

Different options for different people

Not everyone will be wanting or needing a hi-spec pergola. While it may be one of our flagship offerings, there are many other ways we can help you transform an outdoor space – and make it a bigger part of your life or your business.

At Open Habitat, we build bespoke garden rooms to exceptionally high standards and we invite you to explore our well-designed and truly superior long-lasting garden rooms. We can always show you examples of existing projects to look at.

So what’s it to be? A breathtaking new kind of pergola with a retractable roof and various customisable options? An elegant blind or awning? A garden room for a home office/ gym? Or an outdoor kitchen that enables you to fully embrace al fresco living?

Create new flexibility and freedom for you and your property. Features and options include: retractable roof system; glass sliding doors; blinds and screens; variable ambient lighting. All controllable at the push of a button.

Explore a variety of new and elegant ways to provide shelter from the elements. Perfect for commercial businesses and private verandas. Each awning is custom-made and available in a variety of finishes.

We have customers looking for independent, versatile spaces designed to combine an array of options including a gym, a home cinema, a playroom for kids, a chill-out zone for teenagers, an entertainment space, and, of course, a home office.

Discover how to make al fresco dining a bigger part of your life, 365 days a year. From grills and ovens to sink units, we know how to create bespoke outdoor kitchens that are perfect for the outdoors, and for you.