Tarasola glass pergolas by Open Habitat

What Are The Pros Of A Retractable Roof On Your Pergola?

Thinking of adding a pergola structure to your outdoor space? It's a yes from us - it's an exciting addition for sure!  To ensure that you go for a pergola which is most suitable for your needs, be sure to read our previous post all about the pros of an aluminium pergola. And of course familiarise yourself with retractable roof pergolas too. Of which, here are some of the impressive pros...
Aluminium pergola by Tarasola and Open Habitat

The Pros Of An Aluminium Pergola

There are many systems on the market and many different materials to chose from. Which one is the best though? We offer a premium aluminium range, so we are very well placed to offer some insight on why aluminium is a great material for an outdoor pergola.

Glass Pergolas And Why You Will Definitely Want One

Glass pergolas effortlessly exude the wow factor. The clear glass contrasted against the sturdy aluminium frame and complete with a cosy armchair or two, a garden furniture set, or even a full dining table arrangement inside, creates a beautiful and inviting ambience which you don’t often see.

Garden Office Ideas

Working from home was once the ideal, then as many of us moved to it out of necessity, it became more of a hassle and much less glamorous. Spilling coffee on your laptop due to an overcrowded kitchen table? Finding no separation from work and home life? These occurrences can be a thing of the past with a garden room, which many people use as a dedicated garden office.

How To Run Water to an Outdoor Kitchen

When planning your exciting new outdoor kitchen, you’ll find that the options are seemingly endless, meaning that you’ll have a lot of decisions to make along the way. One of the considerations that often gets left out is that of running plumbing, as it’s not as glamorous as some of the other exciting choices you get to make. However, running water to an outdoor kitchen will drastically improve your experience of this new addition and will maximise your use of the area overall, so don’t let this one slip to the bottom of your list!

What’s The Best Built In Grill For An Outdoor Kitchen?

There are many different types of grills which are commonly categorised by the fuel that they burn (which are usually gas, wood, or charcoal) to the style of cooking they offer (open, covered, smoking, direct grilling, slow cooking, roasting or rotisserie - to name just a few). The choices really are endless, and it all comes down to your preference and cooking style.

Should An Outdoor Kitchen Be Covered?

Outdoor kitchens are becoming an increasingly popular addition to many homes across the UK. Not only do they have the wow factor when you are entertaining your guests, outdoor kitchens also add value to your property! This is even more attractive to homeowners since the Covid-19 pandemic as people are valuing their outdoor space more highly.

How Much Does A Garden Room Cost?

Our garden rooms are a little more premium than most you will see on the market – generally starting at £30k and can go up to £100k. All depending of course on size, choice of doors and windows, whether you’d like skylights, a green roof, and any other luxury internal options and finishes such as air conditioning or underfloor heating.

How Much Does An Outdoor Kitchen Cost

Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, providing beautiful and practical spaces within your property to entertain friends and family, for many years to come. In this article, we’ve tried to give you an indication of costs, as well as some guidance on where money can be saved, or indeed where you can introduce more premium items if your brief is all-out luxury!

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