Working from home has evolved into a preferred lifestyle, merging comfort with productivity within our homes. As more embrace this flexible setup, the need for dedicated workspace grows. Open Habitat offers a solution: a secure garden office or studio, ideal for professionalizing home work environments.
Our garden spaces are versatile, serving as gyms, cinemas, playrooms, chill-out zones, or creative studios. Built to high standards, they integrate seamlessly with your home, enhancing property value and satisfaction.
Featuring durable Millboard cladding, our garden rooms endure UK weather stylishly. Tailored to your needs, they range from minimalist offices to fully equipped creative spaces.
From CAD drawings to bespoke cabinetry, our team ensures every detail is considered. Equipped with heating, air conditioning, internet, and security systems, your new garden room will meet all requirements.
Let Open Habitat turn your home work dreams into reality with a bespoke garden room. Contact us today to explore options and plan your perfect garden addition.


Finishing a garden room in cedar-clad fascias and soffits gives it a really premium feel. As standard, our garden rooms are also:

  • Fully guaranteed for 10 Years
  • Fully insulated walls, floor & roof
  • Meets all building regulations
  • Not flat packed but bespokely made


Or if you’re looking for a less expensive garden room, you might be interested in this style which still benefits from all the same great features:

  • Fully guaranteed for 10 Years
  • Fully insulated walls, floor & roof
  • Meets all building regulations
  • Not flat packed but bespokely made

At Open Habitat we take great pride in our ability to provide
well-designed and truly superior long-lasting garden offices.

As such, we offer a 10-year warranty on all our garden homes for complete peace of mind customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for a quality garden building, then please consider us for your next project.


  • The base for all our buildings is constructed just above your ground level using a steel pile system with adjustable stainless-steel rods that allow us to build over uneven land. These piles will never move nor rust. Our system allows for ventilation beneath your building and rain-water drainage. By minimising concrete slab foundations over your garden, we do our bit for the environment. By fitting a geotextile fabric under your garden building, we prevent any weed growth while creating a friendly environment for insects and wildlife. We also fit invisible galvanised mesh beneath your building to prevent foxes from moving in – unless you do not mind then we can also omit this.
  • Our base is constructed out of 100mm treated timber, doubled up and fitted with 100mm rigid insulation and covered with breathable membrane and a structurally sound and protected T&G water resistant substrate for complete peace of mind.
  • We construct all our walls from C16 100mm timber at 400mm centres.
  • Larger openings for windows, sliding or Bi-Fold doors are fitted with steel box frame. This provides additional strength that is industry leading.
  • All walls are fitted with 50mm rigid insulation. We can also include acoustic sound bloc for keeping noise in or out on top of this.
  • The exterior walls are fitted with 12mm OSB cladding and covered with a breathable moisture barrier that covers all walls.
  • We always fix two layers of treated battens over the exterior membrane and OSB boards to allow for good air flow behind the cladding. This methodology prolongs the lifespan of your cladding. It also allows for any services to be run without jeopardising the internal wall insulation.
  • The exterior cladding can be finished a wide range of products. There are composite boards that look like wood – but without the maintenance requirements. There are less expensive treated T&G boards, metal roofing sheets or for the discerning look there is T&G Cedar which is beautiful.
  • We ensure that your newly purchased Cedar is first professionally cleaned with a special chemical whereafter we neutralise the wood and allow it to dry. Moisture tests are carried out before we apply the very best high solids UV protected oil which enhances the natural beauty of the wood. This is a non-film forming product that will not peel or flake. The fix pattresses to allow for future installations and hanging of heavy items like TV’s or gym equipment.
  • The internal walls of your building are wrapped with a vapour barrier before we fix 12.5mm plasterboard throughout.
  • All walls are completed with a plaster skimmed finish.
  • We supply and fit a choice of aluminium Sliding or Bi-fold doors and windows. Our customers can see examples of all the doors and windows in our partner show room.
  • Crittall style French doors and windows are also very popular.
  • All our doors and windows exceed building regulation values, and they are all fully guaranteed and fitted by professional installers.
  • We can offer either Cortizo, Schuco or Smarts window & door options.
  • Your roof will slope from the front entrance to the building to the back.
  • Permitted height is 2.5 meters from the highest point in your garden.
  • The roof is constructed with solid C24 (125mm x 50mm) roof joists that are doubled up for structures over 3 meters deep to provide additional rigidity and unparalleled strength.
  • The joists are filled with 100mm rigid insulation up against the underside of the roof substrate.
  • A vapour barrier is wrapped over the underside of the roof joists before we fix a 12.5mm ceiling which will be plaster skimmed on completion.
  • The roof is finished with 18mm OSB roofing boards that are glued and screwed.
  • Roof coverings can be finished in fibreglass, asphalt or in one piece of rubber which is the most popular choice for homeowners.
  • The roof fasciae and soffits can be finished in any matching colour with a gutter at the back. There are also other options like finishing the visible front or side soffits and fasciae in Cedar. This is aesthetically pleasing however it can add to costs as Cedar is very expensive.
  • We fit all necessary electrical power supplies and lighting in line with your final design. Your garden room will be fitted with a small consumer unit.
  • Heating can include small panel wall heaters or underfloor heating. With underfloor heating we fit an insulated underlay with heating on top. The overall thickness of these is 10mm.
  • Finished floor options – we normally recommend waterproof LVT which looks and feels like real wood. This flooring is very strong, thin and is available in a vast range of colours and finishes.
  • Walls and ceilings can be clad in timber, wall papered, or finish painted in a range of finishes.
  • We work closely with a few AV or AC specialists for those looking for these amenities.
  • We can design and manufacture bespoke cabinetry in a wide range of finishes – be it wood, wood laminate or spray lacquered. Detailed drawings are always provided.

Open Habitat are very pleased to be working on this Garden Room for a young family in Putney SW London.

Our clients were looking to create a home office with enough space for a gym at one end, the office desk area, and a space for a drum kit for their young child. There will also be clear space in the centre for Yoga and a TV on the wall. They wanted a low maintenance building that would be fully guaranteed – while meeting all building regulations.

Open Habitat were selected for the project as we guarantee our buildings for 10 years, although they will last for decades longer. We offer maintenance free high-quality flooring that is water resistant and suitable for underfloor heating.

We pride ourselves on the various design options that we can provide. Every building is bespoke made – no flat packs are ever used. That way we can offer a design to meet our clients specific design and budget requirements.

For this current project, our client has selected a Cedar soffit and facia. While more expensive, this certainly provides an aesthetically pleasing front façade that will complement their existing home and new garden. We always listen carefully to our clients’ needs and then offer all available options so that every small detail has been thought of and planned for. These buildings should be treated with the respect they deserve. They are fully insulated spaces, and every option should be considered to meet your current and future requirements.

Our clients welcomed our attention to detail, and we highlighted many small but equally important points which was one of the reasons that they felt we were a good fit to work with them to create something special.
At Open habitat we take great pride in our passion for delivery high quality products, and we are looking forward to the results once the decking has been installed and a new Pratic retractable awning is fitted on completion.

Please feel free to get in touch if you are looking for inspiration for your new Garden Room or to explore all the outdoor options for you and your property.

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