Outdoor kitchens are all the rage right now, providing beautiful and practical spaces within your property to entertain friends and family, for many years to come.

Naturally, they’re seen as a luxury investment and many of our customers ask us what kind of price bracket they need to budget for. Much like any indoor kitchen, the costs of an outdoor kitchen can vary hugely, depending on your preferred fixtures and fittings and your ambitions for the project and overall design and functionality. So in this article, we’ve tried to give you an indication of costs, as well as some guidance on where money can be saved, or indeed where you can introduce more premium items if your brief is all-out luxury!

Outdoor kitchen materials

One of the key differentiations to indoor kitchens, is that an outdoor kitchen will be exposed to the elements at all times, and in the wonderful British weather, this can mean a lot of wind and rain! And for these reasons, choosing inferior, cheaper materials is certainly a false economy.

It’s therefore important to select quality materials that will confidently withstand the elements but importantly which also require very low maintenance, as no one wants to worry about their favourite new space deteriorating before their eyes!

Outdoor kitchens will usually include a number of different materials. More affordable options include cement, bricks and porcelain stone and then we can introduce marble and granite for the more generous budgets. This is of course an area we have lots of knowledge and experience, and we will happily guide you through the various materials available and those which meet your personal budget.

Outdoor kitchen prices

Generally speaking, prices for our outdoor kitchens start at around £15k, and can go up to £100k. The final figure will all come down to the materials used, the size of the kitchen, the final choice of grills (which start at £1.5k and go up to £15k), your preference in outdoor fridge (which come in single or double formats), cleaning stations, cabinetry/doors, and worktops – to name just a few.

Keeping the cost of an outdoor kitchen down

Customers can keep costs of their new outdoor kitchen down by reducing on-site building works such as excavations, casting foundations and building walls etc. With these options we offer modular, bespoke cabinetry that is all built within our own workshop. The quality is exactly the same, but the on-site labour costs can be significantly reduced.

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