Garden rooms have quickly risen in popularity. People love being able to add another room to their property in a relatively affordable way, with no need for planning permission.

One question we’re often asked though, is whether they add value to your property, or if they’re just seen, when reselling, as a ‘nice to have’? Naturally, you don’t want to fork out for something, which you won’t see any return on when the time comes to sell your property and move on.

Which is why, you’ll be glad to know that the short answer is, yes, garden rooms do add value.


One of the key metrics used within property valuations is of course, square footage. Which is why people strategically choose to convert their loft space, or add a rear extension. Adding new living space, or perhaps another bedroom, significantly changes the appeal of the property as it can naturally cater for larger families and bigger budgets.

And of course, the same is true for garden rooms too. Our garden rooms start with smaller 3x3m structures but can go as large as 8m in length, in a variety of shapes and sizes.


With the dramatic shift in home-working since the covid pandemic, millions of people have now shifted their 9-5 in bustling cities, with long commutes either way, to a slower, steadier pace at home. Of course there are plenty of benefits to this, but also some downsides too.

Many people have said that their home isn’t an optimum working environment and they crave the traditional office space, with a comfortable desk, natural light and few distractions. They’re keen to add separation between their home and work life, which can be tricky when they’re physically so closely intertwined. Luckily, there is a solution, which is both affordable and quick to turn around – A garden room, used as a dedicated home office!

And as a result of this shift, having a dedicated home office is now a highly desirable selling point as it caters for this large audience of people who now work from home.

If your house buyer doesn’t work from home and therefore doesn’t have the need for a home-office, they can easily change the setup of the garden room to cater for other uses too, such as a gym, a yoga studio or an additional lounge.

Our garden room designs can include full CAD drawings when required, electrical layouts, floor finishes, AV, internet and lighting options (both internal and external). As well as power options (internal and external), heating, air con, internet connection, and intruder alarms. The possibilities are endless!

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