Over the last two years, we’ve been building beautiful garden rooms in homes across London. We’ve seen them all – from small and cosy, to large and luxurious. We’re huge fans of the benefits they can bring to a busy family home, whether they’re used as a home office, a gym or simply a second socialising space at the end of the garden.

Planning permission

One thing we’re asked all too often, at the beginning of our talks with potential customers, is whether or not they require planning permission. So we’ve written this post to dispel some myths, and set the record straight.

Essentially, every outbuilding should adhere to permitted development regulations. If it’s not intended for overnight sleeping, or self-contained living, and it’s less than 2.5 metres from ground level, it won’t require additional planning permission to be built.

This is generally the scenario for the customers we speak to, and we will of course help you navigate the necessary requirements to ensure you have a fully legal, and long-lasting addition to your home.

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