Outdoor kitchens have soared in popularity over the last five years. Looking at Google Trends data, we can see that this correlation in demand is closely linked to the Covid pandemic. Many of us in the UK, for the last couple of years, have been spending far more time at our homes and in our gardens, and turning our attention to ways we can enhance our space. Whether the end result is to add value to your property, or to create the dreamiest of setups for entertaining friends and family, an outdoor kitchen is the ultimate fun way to do so.

An outdoor kitchen is simply an extension of your cooking space which you can enjoy well into the evening in the fresh air. Take a look at some of the installations we’ve worked on for some inspiration!

If you’re not sold already, let’s dive into our top ten reasons an outdoor kitchen should be on your wish list this year…

They’re great for entertaining

An outdoor kitchen enables you to entertain your guests, and cook at the same time. Without one, there’s always the need to rush indoors to prepare the salad, season the meat, or grill the burgers. This annoyingly keeps you indoors and away from your guests, all while the sun is shining outside where the fun is being had.

They’re an extension of your socialising space

It’s not only kitchens which have soared in popularity, so too have garden rooms, decking areas, patios and zero threshold entries to beautiful outdoor spaces. An outdoor kitchen is a great way of creating another highly functional space which you can enjoy, which will naturally be the envy of all your friends!

They keep cooking smells outside

Hot, smelly kitchens with limited ventilation are never desirable. An outdoor kitchen enables you to cook and grill outside, in the fresh air, keeping your home smelling lovely and staying clean. Your guests can also get excited by the salivating smells of whatever feast you’re preparing for them!

Great for trying new foods

The grills commonly used in our outdoor kitchens cook at a much higher temperature than conventional grills as part of a kitchen oven top. We can of course incorporate smokers and pizza ovens too – there are so many different options (more on this below). This opens up a whole new style of cooking, smoking and grilling, and the kinds of recipes you can create. Think crisp stonebaked margheritas, oak smoked ribs and perfectly grilled fresh prawns!

Add value to your property

An outdoor kitchen is a huge selling point for anyone looking to buy a carefully considered, sociable space. Not only can you get years of enjoyment from it yourself, but it’ll more than likely add value to your property when you perhaps one day decide to sell, as well as a truly unique selling point.

Enables multiple cooks

There’s never ‘too many chefs in the kitchen’ when you have an outdoor space for cooking. Typically built in a L shape, with plenty of surrounding space for easy maneuverability, they offer you a unique opportunity to have multiple foods being cooked simultaneously. We can of course create straight run counter tops, U shape outdoor kitchens and even G shaped spaces too. With a neary dining table, they’re also perfect for cooking fresh, warm batches of food which hop from the grill to the plate, in seconds!

Great for eating healthier foods

Many of our customers have commented on how great their new outdoor kitchen is in terms of healthy eating initiatives. So many delicious recipes can be created on the grill without the need for oil and butter, so a sociable barbeque can still be enjoyed without the calorie guilt the following day!

The options are endless

We’ve already touched on this point, but it rightfully deserves it’s own mention too because it’s such an advantage: Outdoor kitchens, whilst they feel extremely luxurious, don’t have to have extremely large price tags, and that’s simply because the options are vast. You can opt for something as simple as a countertop, a wine chiller and a built-in grill. Or you can pull out all the stops and incorporate a roasting spit, a wet bar and an outdoor fire. At Open Habitat, every outdoor kitchen installation is 100% bespoke, so we’ll work with you to provide something that hits the mark both for your needs and for your budget.

They’re built to last

Outdoor kitchens have been designed specifically for the great outdoors, in all weather conditions. The materials used, which are usually stainless steel, aluminium, concrete and granite, are undeniably durable, hard wearing and will last you many years with the appropriate maintenance.

You can create the most beautiful looking space

Wooden pergolas, luscious planters, mood lighting, the glow of the fire pit… Need we say more. If creating aesthetically stunning spaces is what you love doing, you’ll really enjoy throwing an outdoor kitchen space into the mix.

Are you ready to create your Open Habitat? We’d love to hear from you.

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