We hardly need to explain all the pros of a pergola.

A pergola allows you to extend your home life to incorporate a more functional outdoor space – in summer it can provide shade or a sunny outdoor space to work, and in winter it can be a cosy entertainment space. The options really are endless.

There are many systems on the market and many different materials to chose from. Which one is the best though? We offer a premium aluminium range from two of the leading manufacturers – Pratic and Tarasola, so we’re well placed to offer some insight on why aluminium is a great material for an outdoor pergola.

Everything starts with the basic structure, and aluminium is a fantastic and sustainable material in terms of longevity. It is easy to maintain and clean as well as guarantees a sleek and modern look that can keep up with the ever-changing trends.

If correct maintenance procedures are followed, aluminium will be protected against the harsh effects of acid rain and UV rays. This can also protect the colours if one of the many options are applied. This is another nod to aluminium pergolas, the options for the colour are as custom and wide-ranging as you could possibly want. The colour can be chosen with a view of either blending in or in contrast to the surrounding area. The powder-coating also contributes to protecting the aluminium further from any rust.

As well as being durable and attractive, aluminium is lightweight and therefore can allow for minimalist design options suitable for every outdoor space. This also allows for maximum light and a bioclimatic feel.

When fitted with retractable roof blades, the pergola can be extremely heat resistant to the mid-summer rays. We all want to enjoy the sun but when it gets too much, the aluminium roof can be closed and is extremely heat-resistant so you can stay cool when required.

Sold on the benefits? Take a look at our range of aluminium pergolas.

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