When it comes to selecting the type of built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen, there are many renowned brands to choose from, with prices that can vary considerably.

The first question you need to ask yourself is what style of cooking you want to do.

If you only want to do the occasional al-fresco BBQ, then a covered grill will suffice as you can carry out most forms of cooking with one built-in grill.

If you want something more discreet then a flat style grill like a Beefeater Proline is worth considering, but these don’t offer roasting options, as they have no lid.


There are many different types of grills which are commonly categorised by the fuel that they burn (which are usually gas, wood, or charcoal) to the style of cooking they offer (open, covered, smoking, direct grilling, slow cooking, roasting or rotisserie – to name just a few). The choices really are endless, and it all comes down to your preference and cooking style.

High quality manufacturers offer both natural gas and propane options and natural gas is worth considering if you’re able, as it’s most economically viable.


Budget is always important and costs can very spiral quickly if you don’t do your research. Check out our guide to outdoor kitchen pricing as a start and then carefully consider which of these might be best suited to you.

If you love playing with fire and burning real wood, then you may want to consider a gaucho style grill. There are also Kamado Eggs which are versatile as they can be used for roasting, grilling, or smoking.

Popular brands include Kamado Joe (Red), the popular Big Green Egg (Green) and one we also love called the Primo Grill (Black).

Other built-in gas grills, like the worlds most expensive, and certainly one of the best, is called the Kalamazoo Hybrid which allows you to cook with the combination of gas, wood, or charcoal.

For those with more modest budgets the Napoleon Prestige Grills do offer a charcoal tray so that you can cook on gas or charcoal. Many high-quality covered grill heads like Wolf, Lynx, Fire Magic, and Napoleon all have rotisseries and searing stations.


It’s very exciting choosing the perfect outdoor cooking set up for you, and the benefits of this new and exciting space are endless. In our opinion it is always worth seeking professional advice on the best options available for your outdoor kitchen space and importantly your budget. Through careful consideration and the correct choice of equipment you can maximise both!

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