Outdoor Kitchen & Luxury Pergola With Glass Sliding Doors

Our client recently purchased a stunning home in a riverside location in Twickenham, and immediately knew what they wanted to do to maximise the use of their compact garden.

They wanted to transform it into a versatile space that would allow them to enjoy it throughout the year, whatever the British weather may bring!


Being avid outdoor cooking enthusiasts, they wanted the ability (and the convenience) of being able to grill quickly on gas. They also requested a pizza oven and an Asado style grill with an infrared sizzle zone, for those longer, more-involved dining events with friends and family.

This example of set up allows for complete versatility, with a wide variety of options for alfresco dining and the different types of recipes that can be created! The area has also been fitted with electrics and lighting to maximise utility and comfort and ambience.

The Napoleon infrared sizzle zone is perfect for searing or grilling vegetables and meats, while the Asado grill also has useful features that allow for quick height adjustment from the heat source. The V-shape grills also prevent flare ups, whilst also maximising flavour infusion.


As part of this project, our team also carried out all of the hard landscaping, including the beautiful tiled flooring and appropriate channel drainage.


The high spec pergola which is adjacent to their new outdoor kitchen, is the beautiful Brera P model. It’s a premium bio-climatic product with extruded aluminium roof blades. It offers a solid, watertight structure without obscuring their garden view.

This particular model also has a fully retractable roof system, integrated lighting and blinds which come in a variety of materials and colours to suit any requirements.

Our client wanted the ability to be able to use the blind as a projector screen for cosy movie nights, and so we used a white acrylic fabric to meet these requirements.

The pergola has stunning glass sliding doors which can be closed or left open as desired. This makes for the perfect accompaniment to their new outdoor dining set up!

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