Low Maintenance Outdoor Kitchen With Real Open Wood Fire Refrigeration

This particular project was for a family who are avid outdoor BBQ enthusiasts who enjoy alfresco dining and entertaining. They were therefore looking for a fully functional outdoor kitchen with washing up facilities and refrigeration.

After listening carefully to our client’s needs, and suggesting our own proposals – we designed an outdoor kitchen with the following:


We recommended the Napoleon built In Grill. This offers gas grilling with an infra-red sizzle zone for fast searing, direct grilling, indirect grilling, teppanyaki, a pizza cooking option and a rear gas back burner, which is perfect for rotisserie. A natural gas line was run to the grill so they didn’t have to worry about changing gas bottles! This option is not always possible, but we can certainly guide you the process to see if it’s feasible first.


This was to allow for real wood fires for direct grilling, teppanyaki & rotisserie and also allows the family to light an outdoor open fire to enjoy throughout the year.


All walls were finished in a solid colour heat resistant and textured render with stainless steel cabinetry to offer low maintenance functionality.


It was important for our client to have both task lighting and mood lighting in the form of a colour changing RGB LED strip all along the top of the kitchen. We achieved this by using a channel inside the top granite. We also created a low iron (Ultra Clear) glass splash back to keep a constant LED line across the entire length of the wall.


Storage was equally important, as was the need for long-lasting quality and maintenance free worktops, fixtures, and fittings.


A Franke undermounted sink with pull out spray sink mixer offers functionality and practicality. The Franke chef range have built-in strainer baskets and cutting boards for preparation and a pop-up waste with push button on the worktop. An undermounted water heater provides 15 litres of hot water on demand.

It was important for the kitchen to have all this functionality, yet we didn’t want the kitchen to look like a glorified BBQ showroom.

All the functionalities had to be hidden and kept neat and tidy. Through careful design and the manufacture of bespoke modular systems the grills, rotisserie, open fire, and splash back can be set up in minutes.

The open fire stainless steel cover lines up neatly with the granite worktops while providing useful storage inside.

Rain – no problem! The open fire has a drainage facility built into the base.

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