What are the pros of a retractable roof on your pergola?

Thinking of adding a pergola structure to your outdoor space? It’s a yes from us – it’s an exciting addition for sure! To ensure that you go for a pergola which is most suitable for your needs, be sure to read our previous post all about the pros of an aluminium pergola. And of course familiarise yourself with retractable roof pergolas too. Of which, here are some of the impressive pros…

1) Retractable pergolas provide flexibility

A retractable roof on a pergola allows you to adjust the amount of sunlight and shade that you want in your outdoor space, depending on the weather and your preferences – You can retract the roof when you want to enjoy the sunshine or extend it when you need shade. We all know how the UK Summer can be unpredictable and what starts as a lovely warming ray of sunshine can soon become unbearably hot. Retractable roof blades can bring a welcoming cool to a hot summer’s day.

2) Retractable pergolas provide protection from the elements

A retractable roof also provides protection from harsh elements such as rain, snow, wind, and UV rays. This means that you can use your outdoor space even during inclement weather. In fact, cosying up in front of a fire and enjoying some outdoor cooking in the colder weather can be incredibly satisfying.

3) They offer improved ventilation

During the hot summer months, you can retract your roof to enhance ventilation and allow air to circulate freely in your outdoor space, keeping you cool and comfortable. Keeping it open connects you to nature and with some sliding glass doors, promotes the full bioclimatic feeling.

4) Increased privacy:

As well as shelter, a retractable roof can also add desriable privacy to your outdoor living space.

5) They enhance the aesthetic appeal:

A retractable roof on a pergola adds an elegant touch to your outdoor space, giving it a sophisticated look that complements your home’s architecture.

6) Adds value to your home:

And lastly, a retractable roof on your pergola can increase the value of your home by improving your home’s appeal and extending its overall living space. The pure functionality of it can truly change the way you enjoy your home!

You can check out some of our pergolas with retractable roofs here.

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