New York Strip Rolls

Experience the essence of BBQ creativity with the iconic New York Strip Steak transformed into something truly spectacular. Expertly slice these steaks thin and roll them into a masterpiece that’s bound to impress. In the realm of BBQ, the Maillard effect is revered, and with this grilling technique, you’re in for a generous dose of it. Let’s embark on this flavorful journey.


  • 800 grams / 1.8 lbs New York Strip Steak
  • 320 ml / 1⅓ cup PitmasterX’s Fresh Spice Mix
  • 100 grams / 3.5 oz sliced Schwalzwalder Schinken (smoked Ham)
  • 200 grams / 7 oz grated Parmesan cheese (thin grated)
  • 16 grams / 0.5 oz PitmasterX’s Steak Rub
  • 100 grams / 3.5 oz butter


  • Forged Sebra butcher knife 25,5cm
  • Butchers twine
  • Chad-O-Chef Boma
  • Boos cutting board


  1. Slice an 800 grams or 1.8 lbs of NY Strip steak into thin ½ thick steaks.
  2. Make 320 ml or 1⅓ cup of PitmasterX’s Fresh Spice mix according to it’s recipe.
  3. Season your sliced steaks with fresh spice mix on the top side.
  4. Add 1 or 2 slices of Schwarzwalder schinken ( smoked ham) on top of the steaks until they are all completely covered.
  5. Add a fine grated Parmesan cheese on top of the steaks.
  6. Tightly roll up each steak and secure it with Butchers twine.
  7. Create 16 grams or 0.5 oz of PitmasterX’s Steak Rub and season the outside of the steaks rolls with the rub.
  8. Grab a small bowl and add 100 grams or 3.5 oz of butter.
  9. Add 1 tbsp of the leftover steak rub and mix it up.
  10. Grab a small sheet of baking paper and put put the butter in the middle.
  11. Tightly roll up the butter and wrap the ends around like a piece of candy.
  12. Fire up your flat top griddle. Once it became hot enough, it’s time to season the griddle with oils.
  13. Sear your steak rolls on the outside area of the hot griddle.
  14. Create a golden brown maillard effect on the outside while regularly rotating the steak rolls.
  15. Once you have the desired maillard crust it’s time to slap small chunks of butter on each roll and let it melt.
  16. Serve on a cutting board and let it rest for 10 minutes.


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